Together matters.

The EastLake Church Network has a long tradition of working to create change in our cities and throughout the world. That’s because people like you – who have generously sacrificed both time and money – have a heart for those in crisis and those in need.

This Christmas, we are inviting you to come together as a family and help change the lives of thousands of people – most of whom you will never meet or know. It’s about love and giving in a way that Jesus expressed towards us. Join us this season as we share stories about the organizations who we hope to bless through The Christmas Offering.

The Christmas Offering is open now and will remain open through the first week of January, 2020.


“Your generosity will surprise him with goodness, and God will look after you.”

Our God-size goal of $837K

for the Christmas Offering will fund our local, regional and global initiatives. How do we accomplish that?

Average weekend attendance network wide: 6,172 individuals


A commitment of $135.61 per person in your family would help us raise enough to fund our local, regional, and global initiatives for 2020.

I Heart 2020

Continue to support our annual community service weekend throughout each network location.

San Diego Rescue Mission, Power House Ministries And Community Through Hope

are only a few of several local organizations that our congregations will support through The Christmas Offering.


Expand and continue to 100% fund the San Diego based safe house that rescues women caught in the web of human trafficking.


$ 0 K
Prison Churches

Bring hope, training, and direction to inmates of Donovan State Prison and launch a second prison ministry in Otay Mesa Detention Center.


Build eight new homes for families in dire need across the border.

Reassignment Center

Offer transitional services and a safe place to stay to men who have been deported from the United States. Provide resources for families affected by the deportation of loved ones.


$ 0 K
Church Planting/Multiplication

Provide support and training to pastors through the EastLake Church Residency program and funding for the purchase of equipment for new plants and launching new churches.

Disaster Relief

Have funds at the ready when disaster strikes in our world so that we can respond quickly.

Bright Hope

With hundreds of children at Bright Hope School and Orphanage sponsored by EastLake Network members, our support will provide improved facilities, infrastructure, and community development.


$ 0 K

Get Involved


Get informed and pray about what God is calling you to do.


Commit to $135.61 per person in your family through the Christmas Offering.


See the impact of your generosity as we share the stories this next year.

Ways to Give


Use the giving envelope found inside your program at church.

The Christmas Offering is open now and will remain open through the first week of January, 2020.