Together matters.

The churches of the Community Church Movement have a long tradition of working for positive change in our communities and throughout the world. That’s because people like you – who have generously sacrificed both time and money – have a heart for those in crisis and those in need. Over the previous twelve years, your collective generosity has amounted to $5,945,756.42 in donations to the Christmas Offering, proving that we really are STRONGER TOGETHER!

The past 18 months have been unlike any in recent memory, and this Christmas gives us the opportunity to come together as a family to help change the lives of thousands of people, most of whom you will never meet or know. This season has demonstrated need in dramatic ways, and we have the opportunity to love and care for others in a way that reflects the way Jesus has loved us. Over the coming weeks, you’ll hear stories of our partner organizations who bless us with their work and we, in turn, have the chance to bless with our generosity.


“Your generosity will surprise him with goodness, and God will look after you.”

Twelve Years Of Generosity

The past twelve years of your generosity through the Christmas Offering has made a significant impact locally, regionally, and globally. Check out a few of the highlights:


Invested more than $1,250,000 and 42,000 hours in service projects to our local communities through the annual “I Heart” service project weekend.
In partnership with the Bilateral Safety Corridor Coalition we have served well over 1000 victims of human trafficking. This includes emergency shelter, victim services, transportation, and support with basic needs including medical care and counseling.


Built 19 houses in Baja California for families in dire need of shelter.
Launched services for inmates at Donovan Correctional facility and Otay Mesa Detention Center, impacting the lives of hundreds of inmates.


Through our longstanding partnership with Bright Hope School & Orphanage in Uganda, over the past 12 years we’ve seen the school multiply from a handful of kids to serving over 500. And due to the large number who’ve moved on to secondary school and university, we’re currently ministering to about 350 children.

We have planted 19 churches that are serving and reaching their communities for Christ. Collectively these churches are ministering to thousands of people every week.

Our God-sized goal this year is $700,000

This amount is big, but it’s achievable if each and every family in our movement of churches joins in this year’s offering. Where does this money go?

For Our City

 In 2022, we hope to take the project formerly known as “I Heart” to a new level with community service projects and outreach that make a difference in the neighborhoods where we live, work, and play.

San Diego Rescue Mission, Power House Ministries, and Code 7

 These are only a few of the local organizations located throughout our Community Church Movement neighborhoods that are blessed by your generosity.


Continue to fully fund the San Diego-area safe house for people rescued from human trafficking.


$ 0 K
Prison Churches

In 2022, we plan to return in an even more impactful way to bring hope, training, and direction to inmates of Donovan Correctional Facility and the Otay Mesa Detention Center. We are also now broadcasting our worship services in more than 20 prisons across California.


Our ongoing partnership with Homes of Hope was impacted by COVID-19, and our plan is to return strong in 2022 to build new homes for families in dire need in Baja California.

Ministry in Mexico

Through the support of the Community Church Movement, our congregations and ministries in Tijuana, Mexico, we will serve people who are being deported, trafficked and those in need throughout communities in Baja California.


$ 0 K
Church Planting/Multiplication

We believe there is a unique opportunity to support new churches that will reach new communities. Your generosity allows us to provide training, support, equipment and resources for these churches.

Disaster Relief

Each year, we set aside funds to assist with response and relief when disaster strikes in our communities, our nation, and our world.

Bright Hope

Our long-standing partnership with the school and orphanage remains a top priority, as we help to improve facilities and give assistance for hundreds of children.


$ 0 K

How We Can Reach Our Goal

As you pray and discern how God would ask you to give during this time, use this chart as a discipleship tool — let it be something that inspires and challenges you towards greater generosity for Christ’s Kingdom as we seek to give it all for Him.

Gifts Needed Gift Amount Gift Level Total
Total Gift Goal $700,000
1 $50,000 $50,000
2 $30,000 $60,000
3 $20,000 $60,000
10 $10,000 $100,000
30 $5,000 $150,000
50 $2,500 $125,000
60 $1,000 $60,000
80 $500 $40,000
100 $250 $25,000
300 $100 $30,000

How to Get Involved


Get informed and pray about what God is calling you to do.


Commit to generosity and act on what God is asking you to do.


See the impact of your generosity and enjoy the stories of hope and help.

Kids Involvement - Toy Drive

This is an exciting time in a kid’s life. They’re starting to ask questions about their faith and what their role is in their community. As you start conversations with your kids, be open to their questions. Together, you can work towards wise use of what God has given to you. Join us in this Christmas Offering as we partner together to collect 500 toys.

It all starts with an invitation. Take a moment to share what the Christmas Offering Toy Drive is all about with your child. Start an open dialogue about how your family can get involved and make a difference together.


Make this a fun family event, mark your calendars, and put a reminder on the fridge together. Allow this to be a memorable family moment.


This is a great opportunity to encourage your child to pick what toy they want to bring to the Toy Drive. The four different categories of toys that we need are legos, balls, baby dolls, and arts & crafts kits.


Consider giving your kids a chance to either save up for the Toy Drive or do jobs around the house to earn towards purchasing the toy they want to donate. Even if you can afford to get the donation toys for your kids to bring to church, creating a plan for them to work for them creates a sense of ownership and value.


Start thinking and brainstorming together as a family on ways that you can practice generosity together.

We will have donation collection areas in our kids areas through December 5th. 

Ways to Give

The Christmas Offering will start accepting donations at Midnight on November 20, 2021.



The easiest way to give is to use our
online giving portal.

By Mail

You can always send your gift to:

EastLake Church
990 Lane Avenue
Chula Vista, CA 91914

Please designate “Christmas Offering” in the memo.